Friday, 21 August 2009

Post 82: Slight return: noodles a la Rick Stein magic fish sauce

The problem was, too much leafage. Like so:

So now you understand the problem; here's my solution - just ignore the bits I don't really like!, so I went for a stir-fry.

This was comprised of (my ubiquitous) garlic and chilli - lots of both, then chicken, courgette sliced fairly small, a pepper and a carrot cut into matchsticks. I then cooked this is a combination of fish sauce, light and dark soy sauces. Using both light and dark soy sauces might imply I've become have become all chef-fy and am attempting some fancy effect; fret not, this was entirely due to my not having seen the dark stuff until after I'd already put some light in.

What did I learn? - basically, that the addition of fish sauce (i) doesn't make it taste of fish (ii) It tastes nice (iii) If it's good enough for Rick Stein, it's good enough for me (iv) Once you've added this and the dark soy, it all looks like a big black slurry. Makes a change from a brown-curry slurry I suppose.

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  1. Yes, fish sauce, yum! I come from singapore, so that, along with stuff like fermented shrimp paste (which sounds awful), is the secret to yummy south east asian food (:


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