Saturday, 15 August 2009

Post 81: Grow my own Veg Box progress

Here's how I'm getting on. Bed no 1 has been a nice little source of fresh lettuce. Not that I'm much of a salad type o guy, but it's been there. The onion are all looking nice, but from a test pull-up of one there's not much beneath at the minute:

But, at least I now have a stock of fresh mini onions.

In bed no 2, the potato tops are huge. I know though from slightly bitter experience that there probably wouldn't be much underneath at the minute - and I've still a few news left from the combination of my own growings and the veg box delivery top up. The carrots are somewhat hidden beneath, but there's plenty of top there too. It seems clear that even without having pulled one of these up that I've planted them far too close, so I'm expecting some weird shaped micro-carrots when I do pull these. Is that's life still on?

In bed no 3, last week I planted some peas (Norma?). No sign of action there yet.

In other planters, my tomatoes have started to flower - but I fear this is too little too late following my slow start.

These are the spuds that grew themselves without my having to re-plant them:

There's a lesson to be learned here - ignore these 2nd time-around johnnies; they clearly don't grow nearly so well as first timers.

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