Thursday, 13 August 2009

Post 80: Veg frenzy curry soup nonsense

After getting to wednesday having eaten just peas and an onion, it was high time to use my mouldering VegBox, before it became any more nasty.

First thing out was this, piece of weirdness:

It certainly wasn't on the list of things that should have been in the box. I think it was a marrow.

So, in he went, along with the black and green beans, a few broad beans, some carrots, an onion, a wee cabbage and some kale. I thought this could possibly curry-up nicely. So, in with the spices and chillies. I was wrong, look at this:

I've not seen something so repulsive since Eastenders when Frank Butcher was waiting in bed for Paaaaat with just his Dicky bow on.

A little blending later and it looks like:

Somehow an indistinguishable brown mush seemed much more appealing and works ok-ish as curry soup.

Anyone out there think I've lost my mojo this week? - you'd be right.

Next week, mojo hunting!


  1. I think its an acorn squash

  2. Thanks Rosie - I'll take your word for it.... the soup was ok-ish yesterday. But I don't think I can face it again today.


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