Friday, 17 July 2009

Post 63: The £400 pound sandwich

I thought it was time for a progress update on my raised beds.

Here's beds 1 and 2, with triffid-esque potatos.

You might notice a few carrots towards the front of the second bed. A sensible mand would've seperated the carrots from the potatoes. I fear I'll be decimiting the carrots when I try to get the potatoes out.

Bed 3:

Again, I've spotted the error of my ways. The lattuce is far too tightly bunched, each plant not having the room to grow. After checkign the lettuce some of them were starting to go mulchy. So, I took the bad ones out and then thinned a couple more out, to give me the first produce from my garden.

Ta da!!

So, here it is a hummus, salami, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, spring onion and tomato butty. As this is the first thing out, it's cost me £400 quid for the raised beds, soil, new drill bit - and a bit of salami etc.

Best be nice!


  1. It was ok, but only that. There's not that much excitement to be had with a cheese butty, is there?

  2. Speak for yourself sunbeam.


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