Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Post 62: Had a sniff at the gauntlet

Didn't like it much. The courgette was used on monday, in a pasta bake. So far so easy.

So, going for the low-hanging fruit. I used the pak choi in a stir-fry. Just for fun I added in the radish. I thought this might add a similar crunch to water chestnuts. After slicing the ones that weren't mushy thinly, these were chucked in along with sugar snap peas, bean sprouts, spring onion and the pak choi. Also lashings of garlic and fresh coriander - which is always a winner.

Once they were in and amongst that lot, there didn't appear to be very much raddish at all. It was fairly hard to notice. There was a bit of crunch, so I'll tentatively declare this to be a success, pending further investigation.

The stir-fry leaves and beetroot remain firmly lodged in the bottom of the bag. I'm hoping the tidy-up fairies will come along and save me the failure of throwing them away...

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