Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Post 61: The Gauntlet is given a devastating body swerve.

Saturday, I went to the Gee-gees. No one says Gee-gees any more, so I shall return it here. Subsequently on sunday I was somewhat a low-wattage bulb.

So, avoiding thought or difficulty, I roasted a chicken and served it with all the really easy to use bits out of the box, new potatoes, carrots, cabbage & broad beans. I must admit to having become slightly obsessed with broad beans, even before Valentine Warner's espousal of them this week I was liking them very much. I didn't bother taking a photo - we all know what a chicken looks like.

All the tricky to use bits, were firmly left at the bottom of the box.

After that little feast, power returned on monday.

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