Saturday, 27 June 2009

Post 53: What's in the bag this week?

In a fairly dull posting, this is what's arrived today:
- Potatoes axona 750g
- Carrots 750g
- Courgette 400g
- Red onions 500g
- Chard (boo) 200g
- Spring Greens (double boo) x1
- Podded peas 200g
- Cauliflower x1
- Kohl Rabi (even worse than spring greens!)
- Broad Beans 300g

I have importantly though learned a lesson from last week's broad beans - the beans want taking out of the pod. It's early days, and I haven't been shopping yet, but other than the dirty spring greens I reckon I'll successfully get through that lot this week.

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