Monday, 29 June 2009

Post 54: 1 meal and 50% Veg box usage!

Once I delved into the contents of the bag, all was not as advertised. Not really in a bad way, so no moaning. I coupled my veg with a roasted chicken. It's just easy isn't it?
- Potatoes axona: these were mashed. They started to crumble before being cooked and took quite a bit of mashage, but tasted very very nice
- Chard: Was a cabbage
- Podded peas: very nice too, but I was glad of not being on piecework
- Kohl Rabi: there were three of these little tinkers!
- Broad Beans: by the time these were taken out of the pods, there was nothing much more than a handul

Kohl Rabi's aren't my favourite. So I tried mashing them with some fried onions, garlic and paprika. I'm not at all sure this went with a roast chicken, but I'd not added any garlic to the chicken so I had to fit some in somewhere. I may try this experiment again sometime. More got eaten than if I'd just cooked the Rabi's on their own.

The Carrots: didn't show up, whilst the Courgette, Spring Greens, Red onions, Cauliflower x1 (he turned up with a mate so it was x2 Caulis) these were all saved for later.

So, that's half the bag gone in one day!

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