Saturday, 20 June 2009

Post 49: Carrot Cake

I forgot to post the carrot cake recipe the other day. Most of the recipes I saw were carrot and raisin - but when I got to the putting raisins in bit, I realised I didn't have any so I substituted with coconut. Turned out nice - I like coconut better anyways.

- 150 grams grated carrot. I grated most of it fine - but my hand started to ache so a bit was course too and it didn't seem to matter
- 100 grams coconut
- 3 eggs
- 185 ml oil
- 1 tsb bi-carb
- Demarrera sugar, I think this was 125 grams
- Self Raising flour 150 grams. I added a bit extra at the end as the mix looked too much like slop-dosh.

Mix and bake ~ 40 mins/until a kinfe came out clean. Easy peasy!

For the top a mix of orange juice and icing sugar - mixed until gloopy but still a bit runny. This gave two round cakes, which were cut into 6 robust slices each.

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