Saturday, 20 June 2009

Post 50: Holds bat brielfy aloft, smiles to crowd, concentrates on making the century

Given I cooked everything I had and given myself a little back-log of meals rather than about-to-go-mouldy veg. I thought I'd see how I'd faired on the cost.

For my three meals:
- Lamb shanks
- Beef stew
- Carrot cake

I used a whole veg box worth's of veg: So there's £10. The meat cost £12: £4 each for two lamb shanks and £4 again for the beef. So there's £22. £5 the wine. A few herbs, flour and the other bits used couldn't be more than £3. So £30 quid all in and this resulted in 6 good sized and very nice main meals and 12 slices of cake. I'm happy with that comprison to ready meal prices.

Although maybe not so much if the M&S dine in for a tenner offer is on. I got more cake though ;-)

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  1. Wine will do better with wines. enjoyed your blog. It's mouth watering. Keep it up the good work. Happy blogging.


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