Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Post 48: Hat-trick. Back of the net!

Thanks to Anon for their suggestions. I fancied going for the lancashire hot pot, but got distraction in the butchers by some chunky lamb shanks. Mrs Veg box is not a big fan of the lamb, so I went for some cubed beef too. And these were what I came up with:

So, given I set off to make a kind of lancashire hotpot, it went along the lines of:
- 4 red onions diced and fried in 6 cloves of garlic
- three pints beef stock
- 3 sticks celery
- two peppers (yeah I know, a bit misplaced there)
- a dozen mushrooms
- a smallish cauliflower
- a dozen potatoes
- half a dozen carrots
- One bottle Nero D'avolo

The veg were par boiled - just to be sure. The lamb and the beef were sealed off. Then all these were split between two pots. In the beef was added a big bunch of chopped parsley and a little thyme. In the lamb, a big load of thyme and some chopped mint (from my own plant!!). Both these were cooked for 3 or 4 hours. On taking them out, the lamb looked like it could do with another hour; so (last night) we both ate the beef and I left lamb for tonight. By which time it was a little richer and nicer.

In splitting all these vegetables, I still had far too many carrots left. As I was on a using up frenzy, I went for a finale of carot cake:

The icing didn't go wrong, it was meant to be drizzled over!.

All I missed from the backlog of veg was a few leaves and some raddish - I'm not sure what I was meant to do with 6 raddishes.

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