Friday, 22 May 2009

Post 38: Slow cook chicken curry

This was started off pretty much the same as every other vegetable curry I've done. The only difference being that this time I had some chicken thighs and legs to add in. I like rustic food, but curry with bones is a step too far for Mrs VegBox. So, she started cooking the sauce, whilst I started taking the skin and debone the chicken.

Here's the recipe:
- Onion finely chopped, slow cooked with garlics
- 2 pints stock
- 1 cauliflower
- 2 tins chick peas
- 1 bag of spinach
- 10 chillis, lashings of curry powder, a bit of tumeric, paprika and cayenne pepper

By the time I'd finished with the chicken, the sauce was cooked. To ensure softness - and to drag the cooking process out further, I didn't fry the chicken off. This element I'd say worked out pretty good. The overall curry was good and lively, in a handi style as you might buy in modernist curry shops.

Two lessons learnt from this one though:
1) Chop the spinach
2) I really must sharpen my knife.

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