Sunday, 17 May 2009

Post 36: Cooking courses for late middle-aged men who've just run away from the wife and the secretary demands they cook a bit too.

Apologies for the delay in posting; I like to keep myself regular but have been thwarted by some BT induced post-constipation.

Back with a bumper crop this time though. On saturday for a birthday treat, I was sent to
Bridge 67: Cooking for Men
. I must say it was quite a surprise to find myself surrounded by near to retirement posho men recently shorn of their wedding rings - all saying "My Girlfriend sent me". But hey, good luck to them.

First up was a trout and dill pate:

This was a doddle, but not really my thing at all.

Next a chocolate cake, which was much more to my liking, and there was a healthy sized slab to take home at the end of the day:

Unsurprisingly, lunch was a make-your-own kind of affair of spaghetti carbonara. Which is something I'd always been put off eating due to seeing the creamy gunkness of restaurant carbonara sauces. This though used little cream and bound the spaghetti up just nice without being too rich

Through to the afternoon and while most of the fellas were still moaning about being full from the pasta lunch, I was very much looking forward to the afternoon meal double header of stuffed chicken and moussaka, with crunchy pesto new potatoes.

There was just enough moussaka left at the end of the day to have instead of a kebab after the pub, by which time the trout pate had just stopped rifting. A very nice day all in.

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