Monday, 11 May 2009

Post 35: Paprika Beef slow cook stew.

Still on the front foot this week. I'd hoped to have a bbq and had bought some beef. Rain and wind put paid to bbq based nicenesses. So, I went for a slightly spanishy paprika beef stew.

- 2 medium onions chopped small and slow fried with tonnes of garlic
- beef cubs tossed in flour with added paprika and cayenne pepper, then browned off
- most of a chorizo sausage cut into 3/4 inch bits. Chorizo equals spanish (in my head at least)
- two cartons (oops, not very local or green that) of passata
- a generous tippling of red wine
- 4 or 5 carrots
- a few spuds
- two kohl rabi. Yay me I used the kohl rabi's Oy, oy, saveloy!
- bay leaves

All in a casserole dish and topped up with water until full. Then cook for about the duration of lent, or until your patience runs out. Pretty nice, but not a speedy t.

Not much left in this week's box now and it's only monday! If I finished it off, will I be allowed fish and chips?


  1. Trying to prove me wrong eh?
    Next challenge is to use some vegbox contents to make ice-cream. Oh, & while we're at it, hows about putting it prettier on't plate if you're gonna be publishing photos. Not that I'm into poncy food, just that it'll be easier to see what you're trying to show us.


    An open challenge!


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