Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Post n-n-ner 19: I'll stick to warming the plates in it

After the main oven stopped working on sunday, on monday I had to attempt to cook my lovely beef in the top section of the oven. Previously, I'd only ever used this for cheese on toast and warming plates. As soon as the bottom oven is fixed then it'll be returned to these purposes.

Because I didn't really know how much cooking time the beef had already had, I overcooked it. It was like something a traditional english grandmother might have cooked: not a hint of pink. Given I could only just get the beef in there though, it wasn't a total disaster.

The vast selection of vegetables did at least turn out well, roasted spuds, parsnip (much nicer than in last week's soup) and carrots, red and white (crinkly cabbage), and mashed spuds, turnip and carrot. Oh and some Leeks in a cheesey sauce - it's just not a roast unless there's some cheesy sauce involved.

I strongly suspect that the re-workings of this as bubble and squeak will turn out much nicer than first-time past the post.


  1. What's Bubble?

  2. Bubble and squeak. I'm sure there are proper recipes out there for bubble; but mine always involves whatever's left from the previous day's roast dinner. Served with lashings of gravy (also best made the night before) and if I'm being fancy, some sausage too - desperate Dan style.


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