Thursday, 9 April 2009

Post 20: Inventa-curry day: Beef coconut, kale and carrot curry.

I had some beef bits and some oddments left in my veg box and I was most keen to ensure that neither got wasted. So, I can up with, as it says in the title a beef, coconut, kale and carrot curry. This I made noo-clear hot with the assistance of 6 chillies and some cayenne pepper. There was a little method in my madness: Beef saag's a classic and kale's not too far off is it?

Recipe along the lines of:
- 1 pint beef stock, with curry powder (this is what I used, but I'd recommend skipping this)
- 3 medium onions finely chopped, fried off with 4 cloves garlic and the 6 chillies
- 2 tins coconut milk
- 2 grated carrots
- 1 bag of kale, de-stalked
- All this added together and simmered along with the beef which flash fried in a mix of flour, salt, pepper and the cayenne pepper.

Before I put the beef in, I gave it a whizz with the hand blender - which'll teach me for being lazy and grating the carrot on the big holes. It looked rather better after that. The end effect was a pretty runny curry; I probably wouldn't bother with the stock next time. The kale wilted down ok and the curly nature of it meant every mouthful was nicely coated in the sauce.

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