Friday, 10 April 2009

Post 21: Behold the glory, I've finished building the first raised bed

Firstly there were the batons to mark. The very sketchy instructions showed a baton going inside each corner. From the number of screws I had left I worked out that 3 were needed for each baton. Which seemed a little strange, as this meant two in one direction and just the one in the other. So, I marked all these out and thinking I'd been very clever marking them so as there was no chance of screwing through into the existing screws.

Feeling very smug, I then lined up the three frames of the out frame and the first baton. And went to drill..... the drill was too big.
Some brute force was effected and I gave the screws a little tap with a mallet. This was only a partial success and some serious screwdriver action couldn't quite get them flush. Not to worry, it all felt solid enough and it's on the inside so won't be seen.
And lo, sucecss is mine!


  1. Lovely! Will you be lining the box with a membrane to reduce water-loss during summer?

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  3. I wasn't thinking that I'd need to line it. I suppose that some water could leak out at the joins. But, if I line it, then I can't see it lasting, once I dig out the potatoes. So, I'm not going to bother and just see how it goes.

    Obviously, if the raised beds are too try, then I'll have a re-think for next year. *crosses fingers*


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