Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Day 7: The sun is in the sky and clouds are rolling by

For the first time this year, the sun had his hat on yesterday. In celebration, I thought I'd eaten enough root vegetables out of my veg box for one week and I'd pretend that it was a little warmer and go for a summertime recipe.

So, I went for an adaptation of a Gordon Ramsay recipe that I'd once seen on a plane somewhere. Ramsay cooks crab meat pasta with chilli. I tried that once, and my unrefined palette is not nearly sophisticated enough to appreciate crab meat, so I went for:
- onions, garlic, chilli browned to start things off. 4 hot chillies to make it nice and lively
- add to that a small head of brocoli, mushrooms, a pepper
- and then last of all when the pasta is cooking add in some prawns and cherry tomatoes
- served with lashings of parmesan for me

Preparation time ~ 30 minutes
Ease: Can't go wrong! but htere's a lot of stirring needed
Greeness: Muave: all the veg was market/veg box bought
Taste: Hot, hot, hot!

Where's the sauce you say? There is none. Because there's plenty of moisture in the vegetables. From my veg box, this only used up the stir-fry leaves and a couple of onions. Well, I say used the stir-fry leaves, I was going to add them for a kind of wilted spinach effect, but my Mrs took a look at them and decreed them to look like Nettle leaves, so out they went.

The big mistake of the recipe was to use Fusilli pasta. It's just annoying isn't it?

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