Monday 2 July 2012

281: Random Recipes #18 - something a little different

I've long thought I ought to get involved in the fun of such challenges; either from Dom @Belleau kitchen or Choclette @ChocLogBlog - but somehow I never have up until now. The reason I am doing now, is because this one just couldn't be any easier. The challenge (Dom's random recipes challenge no 18) involves taking a picture of your recipe books, so here it is:
Ok, here's points of interest (or not, decide for yourselves):

1) I designed the cabinet myself. It cost about the same as any similar high street solid wood cabinet but is perfectly sized for my interests of booze, books and telly. I should have added some holes in the back so the wires are a bit tidier
2) I've not used my Wii since Christmas Day 2010

3) It's still on standby. I'd not thought of that before now.

4) I should maybe have moved the James Martin book from the top; but any attempt I make to be cool is doomed to failure so not to worry

5) My ancient copy of Larousse Gastronomique cost me £1 which I considered a bargain. My french isn't quite good enough though to follow the recipes, so maybe it was not a bargain.

6) My mother bought me the frog motif salt and pepper shakers for Christmas. I've no idea why. I have a proper twisty cruet and I'm uninterested in frogs. It amused her; and somehow it also amuses me now.

7) The Yottam Ottolenghi book is beautiful but never quite inspires as well as his Saturday Guardian recipe

8) I nearly always have a full wine rack (only ever red wine on here). I get a bit twitchy if the house is short of wine, (or indeed: bread, eggs or cheese).

9) Cooking from Silver Spoon can be hard yards

10) If my wife looks at this she'll kill me for not going round with the Mr Sheen first.

That's all. Sooner or later I'll get back to some proper cooking, peace and love, peace and love.


  1. Have you turned the wii off yet?
    The cabinet is great. Tell your wife it's OK no need for Mr Sheen.

  2. I am rolling around in laughter!... you is one classy guy Mr Veg Box... please do 2 things for me... 1) rip that wii from the wall and put it in the cupboard away from harm... 2) put the hedgehog with it... thanks so much for entering... it seems that this is going to be a busy month for me! xx

  3. Ha haaaaaa great post! Nice unit too, you should go into business... :-P

  4. Hi, I'm visiting from Dom's cookbook challenge and I have to agree with Dom, put the wii & hedgehog away!!! I can so relate to the wine too. LOL!!!

    I hope to visit more often, as I'm now your newest follower! Stop by for a visit if you have time, I love company and new friends are always welcome.

  5. Ok, so the Silver Spoon featured in my post too. And I'm just not so sure the whole thing isn't a big joke, whadya reckon? I remember all the hype, that this was the Italian compendium to beat all, and asked my husband to buy it for my Christmas, but I just don't think it's... proper! All these years later I'm lucky enough to have had an Italian marry into our family (who of course, like all Italians, is the world's leading authority on food... ahem) and I'm pretty sure I know what she would make of a great many of the recipes - turning up her beautiful nose in disgust and declaring them fit only for a 'cretina' (a favorite Roman reaction I am learning!).
    Great post, shame about the James Martin ;-)

  6. I know what you mean about the Mr Sheen. Personally, I aspire to being cool enough to have a James Martin book.

  7. Oh oh, how did I miss this momentous post - you've entered a challenge!!!! Love your cabinet. Just wondering what my especially designed one would hold. Hmm, not difficult, lots of chocolate and baking stuff - might need to be a bit bigger than yours. I'm with Kath - stuff Mr Sheen. Great post, but where are the baking books???

  8. Oh my neither James-y Martin nor my hedgehog are popular. I really didn't expect that.

    Thanks all for the comments .

    Ocean Breezes - I've passed your way... (nice blog!)


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