Thursday, 28 June 2012

280: Strawberries 1 - Tomatoes 0

As the title says I've had my first strawberry of the year. What a beaut it was too.

I added my thumb to the picture to give some scale. However, thumbs aren't standard but I can reassure readers my thumbs are man sized normal thumbs; no Sissy Hankshaw freakery here. No sniggering at the back; this isn't a metaphor.

Maybe I should have added something with a known size to the photo. But it's too late now, I've eaten it and the internet with be now forever wondering how big was my strawberry and have them hands ever done a day's work?

Happily there appear to be plenty more straws where that one was and the bird's have yet to find their way under the netting despite the gaping big holes in it. So, very hopeful of some home grown jam and deserts in the near future.

Tomatoes though are a different story. I planted these good and early put them on the kitchen window sill where they get plenty of sun through the afternoon.

I seem to have missed the small text on the packet that maybe said 'bonsai tomatoes'. At this rate at some stage next year they'll produce enough to make a micro-cherry tomato salad.

Next to it, is my special Olympic torch Coke can/bottle; which I've saved in case it's worth a fortune in the future. Unlikely, given it was a sunny day when the torch came past and I drank it. Good times none the less though!


  1. massive haul there... don't forget to make jam with the left-overs so you can preserve that unique summer taste!

  2. The woodlice are eating my strawberries, so count yourself lucky. It's me vs the little beasties and they seem to be winning gggrrrr.

  3. I got three new non-nibbled Strawberries yesterday. Production is stepping up!

    There may yet be jam.


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