Tuesday, 22 May 2012

278: Beef Bourgignon

I bet you all thought I'd left town. I might as well have done for all the cooking I've been doing recently. The people that pay me, are being dashed unreasonable - they are expecting me to work for it! Its dreadful.

However this weekend found me with both time and motivation to cook. Saturday morning I had a trip to the butcher's for beef with which to make some form of stew. Somehow I decided upon Bourgignon, which is something I've not attempted for many years. I seem to remember my previous effort being somewhat below par; and I was keen to make amends.

As ever (despite owning a fair selection of cookbooks) my recipe search started with Google. I used my normal method of combining what I arbitrarily decided were the best bits. Luckily & happily Sainted Delia suggested Boulangere potatoes as an accompanyment; this was good.

Bourgignon ingredients:
  • 1 kilo beef cut into 1 inch cubes (I halved these from the size the but
  • 1 medium onion
  • 250gs or ~1 dozen very small - forkfull sized - onions (there weren't any shallots in the shop)
  • 200gs streaky bacon
  • 500gs chestnut mushrooms
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 table spoons flour
  • 2 x bay leaves, 2 x bouquet garni tea bags
  • 1 x bottle Bordeaux

  • Finely slice the onion and slowly fry in a little oil
  • Chop and add the garlic and continue frying until the onion is nice and soft. Add to a big casserole pot
  • Cut the streaky bacon and fry until brown and crispy
  • Steal a couple of bits; this isn't going to be ready for hours yet. Add to the pot
  • Stir flour and meat together so all the meat is coated. Add to pot
  • Half mushrooms. Add to pot
  • Brown then onions, then guess what's going to happen with the onions? - Add to the pot
  • Add the wine and herbs, give it all a stir (being careful not to break the tea bags)
  • In the oven for at least 2 hours, preferably longer at 140c. Stirring every time you pass for a cuppa

Some recipes were part and part wine and stock. I chose all wine option as I wanted something a rich sauce rather than a gravy. I wasn't disappointed. The wine I'd had for a little while; all the while deferring drinking it as I thought it might be a bit heavy weather. However for this it was just the job and it was well worth using the good stuff for.

Like Delia I cooked boulangere potatoes (I may blog my version of boulangere's later; but this post has rambled along quite enough already). Well done Delia for that suggestion. Perfect together.

This perfection was only improved upon through the fact I then rounded proceedings off with a rhubarb crumble made from my own rhubarb.

Right that's all folks, it's now time for me to go to the Dordogne for some real french food!

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