Wednesday, 23 November 2011

264: Food Blogger's Unplugged

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman as Dolly Parton would have it. I wouldn't know; I'm not even slightly effete. It is though hard to talk about yourself without coming across as a know all, however I shall try. Lovely Dom from Belleau Kitchen nominated me for this; which is lovely for his is a proper blog and he clearly puts an awful lot more effort in to proceedings than I do. I don't read many blogs (as will be obvious at the end), but whenever I do, Dom has invariably already been there and posted some encouraging comment. It's the same story with my other two favourite bloggers: Kath the unordinary cook, and Mrs Choclette.

1: What, or who inspired You to start a blog?
My friend Evil Mik. I stopped working with Mik some years back, but on any given day I could tell you what he had for his lunch and dinner. With the amount we talk about food, he suggested repeatedly that I blog. I enjoy it, but confess I still don't really understand why people read blogs all that much.

2: Who is your foodie inspiration?
I've seen a few of these things filled in and 'my mother' often comes up as an answer. It's this one for me, she'll have a go at anything cooking or eating. And it's that general spirit of adventure that I like. I just try to keep things interesting.

3: Your greasiest, batter splattered Food/drink book is?
Brian Turner's, probably. But I don't tend to use cook books much. I tend to decide what I want to cook and then google until I find the recipe that's got the most chilli in and/or most closely resembles whatever ingredients I've got in.

4: Tell us the best thing you have ever eaten in another country, where was it, what was it?
BBQ Chicken sandwich Koh Samui, 1991. Cost less than a pound. Freshly cooked chicken pulled off the bone crispy duck style, Thai style salad, proper hot and sweet chilli in warm fresh crusty bread. Eaten with a Singha beer, sat on the beach watching lightning storms over the sea. Oh how I bloody wish I'd followed that up by writing 'The Beach'

5: Another food Blogger's table you'd like to eat at is?
I don't know; I've not met any in the flesh. Pretty much everyone that blogs looks like they can cook; I'd go with whoever was going to be the most fun.

6: What is the kitchen gadget you would ask Santa for?
Gadgets I can - just about - afford. I'd ask Santa for a bigger kitchen which faces the afternoon sun with doors out to the garden. This, I cannot afford. After that, I'd happily enough take care of the booze chiller fridge and whatever else gadget winks at me.

7: Who taught you how to cook?
I can't really remember anyone teaching me, my Mum I saw cooking often but we didn't cook together. But I've always been confident in the kitchen. (probably in excess of my ability).

8: I'm coming to you for dinner what's your signature dish?
Slow roast belly pork if I've got the time. With loads of roasted veg. Don't come if you're dieting.

9: What is your guilty food pleasure?
None. I'll admit to guilty pleasures in music where I've gone from a Smiths loving angsty teen (still love 'em) to really liking Girls Aloud & Katy Perry. I know they're rubbish really; I just like upbeat cheese. Food wise I really love a Greggs's Apple Turnover but I feel in no way guilty. They are a thing of wonder.

10: Reveal Something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn:
My name is Adrian. When I signed up to UKFBA and started blogging I wasn't sure what would happen. I feared the internet heckling so I invented a nom de guerre - Alan Lupton (which my wife thinks sounds like a right sad sack's name. She's right too. Anyone remember what programme this character comes from? - I'll be very impressed). Looking back now this seems very silly; everyone has been so very nice.

And now, thinking I could edit and re-edit this for the rest of the night I'll slightly embarassedly click publish. I thank you all.


  1. Ha ha ha ha, Mr OC keeps asking me what I am laughing at. I have often been confused by the Alan/ Adrian thing. I just thought you had a split personality! Deeply honoured by the mention.

  2. Hi Its lovely to read your answers and they made me smile, you have a lovely writing style Adrian/Alan, I may call you the AA guy for short.
    Love the disasters tab...I need that in my life...and your belly pork!
    Thanks for joining in in A. x

  3. Ha ha, this had me chuckling. Can't believe I've missed it, but I was a tad stressed throughout December with self-imposed impossible tasks - that's my excuse anyway. Chilli is one of the world's wonders - I very much approved of that one. Think you should be known as AA from now on. Thank you for the mention - that's given me a nice new year lift :)


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