Wednesday, 21 September 2011

257: Strange Fruit

My raspberries continue to grow sporadically; mostly just two or three ripe at any one time. The tomatoes are dying a slow death, but are there's still some small ones to be picked. So, off I toddled into the garden to get whatever's there.

I spotted a few weeds in and amongst the strawberry patch:
 So allowing myself to be rather too easily distracted from what I should have doing, I pulled a few weeds out. And lo, there were strawberrys; only a couple but ripe big strawberrys.

I'm only too happy about this, but completely confused. Earlier in the year, I had three strawberry plants - which produced very little, but everything they did produce was - as tradition decrees - in time for Wimbledon. The plants have multiplied and the new ones are autmun producers. Strange days indeed.

Whilst down this end of the garden (not that it's a particularly big garden), I stripped my Apple tree. Eight apples. I don't think is too bad for it's first year - although I can't claim any success for my gardening here - it's only been planted two months. I might try an applie pie.

By the time I came in, my harvest looked like this.....
I bet proper gardeners don't get half-filled three crop cereal bowl harvests! At this time of year though, I'm happy for whatever I get.


  1. I am very jealous of your green lawn, ours has been brown for months. Our tomatoes are dying a slow death too, not ripening and now other things that need planting in their place are arriving from the kind people at the seed catalogue. It might have to be difficult decision time for the tomatoes...

  2. It's a nice colourful harvest, but the bowl would have been overflowing if you'd included the apples. Weirdly, we've just had a small handful of strawberries too, both wild ones and cultivated. They're confused, I'm confused, we're all confused.

  3. The garden at Gunby (for which I claim no responsibility) has a glorious autumn raspberry bush in it, brimming with fruit. I was told quite distinctly by the head gardener that it's supposed to be a late fruiter. And there you go...

  4. Kath - the lawn's green; but if it were a better picture you'd seen there's not that much grass.

    Like Gunby, I too appear to have late fruiters. I think that's a good thing - seems to be if the Strawberries come early. Eventually I might have enough raspberries for a jar of jam.

    Cheers guys.


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