Tuesday, 13 September 2011

256: Happy 6th Anniversary

This isn't a bloggy-versary; although it's quite nice to celebrate not having given up on this yet - but this is my real anniversary. Yay! Married 6 years! Happy days indeed.

The proper presents for 6 years are: Iron, Sugar or Cala Lillies. Well, I thought I might not be married too much longer if I bought her an Iron, or any Iron cookware; which would be far too obviously me buying a present for me (which I'm pretty good at anyway). So, I thought I'd focus in on the Sugar....

So, here's what I got; a cake with lots and lots of icing - soooo much sugar. I changed things round a bit from the picture example of this cake. That had sticks of rock - but I swapped them for a Lilly. The lady was resting her footsies on a crab - and I swapped that for an Iron. Clearly an Iron's got no place on a beach; but it got the trio of 6 year presents in there. I also swapped the lady holding an Ice-Cream for Champers; very much more Mrs VegBox's style.

I'd love to claim that I made this cake; but other than ordering and paying for it, I wasn't involved. Probably a good thing too; it wouldn't have looked anything like this if I'd had a go.


  1. Aaah, Happy Anniversary! What a lovely cake, I thought you were going to shock us with your cake decorating skills for a minute there.

  2. It would be shocking alright if I had a go at cake decoration. But not in a good way.

  3. Happy days indeed VBB. You are most thoughtful. I hope she loved it. What did she get for you?

  4. A big heart shaped box of sweeties! Nice; although I'd have been happy with some Iron cookware ;-)


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