Wednesday, 6 April 2011

239: Sea Bass with Lemon and Lemon Thyme

My favourite restaurant is Da Mimmo in Bergamo unfortunately it's quite a long way to go for my dinner. Within walking distance I'm more than happy to settle for Del Rios. I say it's my favourite; but sometimes only a curry will do.

Normally just because the pizzas are so good it's a toss-up between ham and mushroom or a spicy pepperoni. However last time out, I'd recently had pizza so went all experimental with the Sea Bass stuffed with Lemon and Thyme. I enjoyed this so much, I thought I'd have a go at recreating it for myself. And although I was missing the cosy romantic alcove and flowing Chianti, I thought I made a fair stab at the Sea Bass

I got the fish monger to gut the Sea Basses. I couldn't work out that anything particularly fancy was needed. Into the cavity in each Sea Bass I popped two slices of lemon and two sprigs of lemon thyme and the obligatory salt and pepper. And then into a frying pan with just a drizzle of oil.

This needed to be a healthy non-fattening meal - Mrs VegBox is that way out at the minute. And I can't say it would do me any harm either. Serving with healthy veggies of:
  • Healthy roast potatoes: boiled and then in the oven with a tiny amount of oil
  • Kale (super healthy!) fried with garlic and chillis. Again using only a tiny tiny bit of oil
Here it is:

Although, I was always conscious that attempting to use minimal oil would result in me losing the fish skin it was easy enough to keep the flesh from falling apart by not poking it too much. Taste wise it was only a little buttery richness away what I'd eaten at Del Rios; so very pleased with that for the £3 it cost me for the Sea Bass.

'Bald' fish apart, last night I was thinking this was a pretty attractive dish. Clearly I'm still getting to grips with my new camera - as it looks pretty bad here.

I can't say much about the spuds or the kale though; both of these only proved just how much you do need some oil.

Whilst writing this, I have been listening to Wham Rap. Which is making me think of a waggish Best Man's speach done via the medium of the Wham Rap. And also how the bejaysus did Wham Rap get on my iPod?


  1. yeah right! I am pretty sure you know exactly how Wham Rap got onto your ipod;) Whenever I am a bit dash happy with the oil I just convince myself it's good for me. I am probably wrong but it makes me feel better at the time.

  2. It's addled my brain - the Wham Rap; not the fish:

    Everybody say Wham! - WHAM!
    Say Bam! - BAM!
    Everybody say Wham! - WHAM!
    Say Wham, Bam! - WHAM! BAM!
    ENJOY WHAT YOU DO? (repeat)

  3. Someone has been listening to that a lot!


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