Sunday, 3 April 2011

238: Tuna Steaks

Last week we thought we'd try something new - Tuna steaks.

These looks like fine thick lumps of fish. The masterplan was to serve these with noodles, so in preparation, I marinaded these in thick soy sauce, garlic and just a hint chilli. It's always with the chilli.

To cook, I wiped my griddle pan with oil, heated and then seared the (my) fish. Flipping just the once - so that there were only one set of sear-lines either side.

I managed to cook mine such that the tuna with hot, but pink and moist in the middle. Mrs VegBox's cooked until it was bordering on charcoal. Popular results all round.

So, I'd prepared well, cooked properly..... then when it came to eating tuna steaks - well  we both preferred our Tuna out of a can with a good splash of salad cream. A lesson learned.


  1. shame... I love fresh tuna, just seared on the bbq ... divine! sword fish is good too!

  2. I am with you on this one, I do not like tuna, but for me the stuff out of the can is the devil incarnate. Mr OC insists on having it occasionally and I have to leave the room if not the house.

  3. A mixed bag of comments there alright! Cheers guys.

  4. Sorry, just can't pretend to like tuna. It is my one food fear, well that and liver and maybe kidneys and offal generally. Shall I just shut up now?

  5. No, not at all. x

    My main fear is running out....

  6. Aww at least you gave it a try :) I've only tried tuna steak once. It was alright; a bit bland and completely different to tinned tuna. I bet it would be lovely with the marinade you've chosen though!


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