Monday, 21 February 2011

232: Roasted Pigeon with Blackpudding Cakes

Oooh, get me lah-di-dah. I think this sounds quite poncy-swish, like you might get for starters in a nice restaurant.

Or then again, it also sounds like av come in from t'pit and said summat along lines of "Eey up love I've found yon pigeon, get t'oven on".

Anyways..... A pigeon winked at me in the butcher's on saturday. Which is hard for a dead bird. £2.50 and my curiosity was roused; I don't think I've ever eaten pigeon before. I've certainly not cooked it before. So, off to my cookbook of choice - Mr google he say, plenty of salt, pepper and very hot oven for 15 minutes.

So, here it is. I thought I'd re-use the baking tray from my morning bacon, for a bit of extra salty lardy goodness. The preparation here amounted to get tray, plonk bird on tray and season.

Oh, the devil will find work for idle hands to do. I stole to the fridge and spied some black pudding. Because no one asked me to. I'll stop now, oh-ho-oh.

So, for the Black pudding cakes. I was the the midst of cooking a curry, so taking from that:
  • Half an onion, 1 clove garlic, 1 chilli chopped and fried
  • Two rounds of Bury Black pudding
  • Two medium to small potatoes boiled
All these I chucked in a bowl and mashed together with a fork. And then formed in to patties.

Obviously, I was just making up how I should cook these. And here they come:

If this looks like I'd just slapped this on a plate, you'd be mostly right; they fell apart somewhat when I tried to take them off the tray. I very much liked the taste of the blackpudding cakes. However, they didn't get the crispy edges I'd hoped the hot oven would produce. Next time I do these I'll coat then in flour or breadcrumbs and fry them to get some crispyness going on.

The pigeon, I just sliced in half. This proved 15 minutes was not nearly enough. If I had had breadcrumbs on the Blackpudding then it might still have been interested in a quick peck. Swiftly back in to the oven for another 5 minutes, and the pigeon was still pretty rare.  And the verdict is, I 'appen t'like pigeon.

I shall cease and desist with this ecky thumpness now.


  1. I have to say the black pudding thingy looks ... well, I shouldn't say because i'm a nice boy... but the bird... wow, looks great... love a bit of pigeon... makes a great stew.... very good of you to be so brave! Bravo!

  2. It wasn't the prettiest was it? - But I promise it did taste good; my lad wuffed it back and I've never got Black dack past him before.

    Next time, I'll make it look nice, promise.

  3. Ee by gum! I have tried pigeon but it's not on my list of favourites. A rat with feathers? I like the sound of the black pudding cake though.

  4. I've never tried pigeon before :\ but I do love "black pudding mash", I think I will make it into these patties next time I do it!

  5. See Dom - Someone; Catherine likes my Blackpudding cakes! Thanks Catherine.

    Kath: I'm surprised you don't like a bit of pigeon.


  6. Bet it was so tasty and black pudd with pigeon is something I haven't tried - yet! This is so funny since I've just posted something on black pudding after being in Scotland and just love pigeon. Great way on keeping the city clean, eh? :-)

  7. I've lived and learned looking at your blog Jill - Scottish blackpudding, in a sauce. It's all going on! Looks very interesting.


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