Saturday, 8 January 2011

Post 228: Garlic Graters

I don't normally do reviews of kitchen gadgets, but in the last year I've bought a Garlic Card and for Christmas I was given another Grater at Christmas. So, for the first time ever, I've got two things designed to do the same job. Time for a review! If anyone wishes to send me a Maserati and an Aston Martin; I'll be more than happy to give them a thorough reviewing too.

Back to the plot. This is a Garlic Card (Garlic Card web site official link).

These are for sale at £3.50 on The Cook Shop Web Site. Happily, I got mine for 20p in the lasy year's New Year's sales at my local. The idea is simple, rub the Garlic over the little raised U shapes and it grates the garlic.

However, the U shapes don't feel any sharper to the touch than the letters on a bank card. It takes quite a bit of effort to grate the garlic. And you need to dirty another plate, for the grated garlic to go on. The net result being that for the last year, I've reverted to a big knife and a chopping board; satisfying myself with chopped small instead of grated.

For Christmas I recieved a Grater of altogether different calibre.

Very simply titled as just 'Kit', the pack contains, a brush, a rubber tube and a suacer sized glass plate with nobbles on the bottom.

The rubber tube looks a bit gimmicky. But the idea is you put your whole Garlic clove in and roll it in the rubber tube until it makes a crack noise and then you should be able to peel it.  This sounded a bit dubious, and the first one I tried I squashed the clove and the bits weren't bit enough to hold to grate. By the second clove, I'd gotthe hang of it and it's surprisingly each to shell the cloves.

Then holding by the bottom, because the glass nobbles are much harder, the garlic grates down very very quickly. All in, a winner. Thanks lovely Mum for this - so I can't link to where she got it from and I don't know the price.

The downsides to both though are:
  • You waste the end of the cloves while avoiding grating your fingers
  • Your fingers stink afterwards
Results: don't buy a Garlic Card, not even for 20p. Consider this 'Kit' if you ever see one - works exactly as it says it will.


  1. I bought, and promptly threw my garlic card. Utterly useless!

    Have seen the latter one at food shows, though never used it...

    I also have 'Jamie Oliver's' garlic crusher & slicer tool, does quite a good job but is a pain to clean after and you end up with garlic fingers trying to fish out the garlic skin after...

    Overall I prefer either a sharp knife, or the fine microplane grater, with the box attachment for mincing garlic.

  2. You're super duper kit sounds interesting. I've never got on with any garlic graters / crushers and prefer to just chop it with a knife - less faffy washing up too. But I did learn how to make peeling easier which is a bit like your tube. Just put a clove down on a board and squash it with the flat side of a large kitchen knife. Works a treat, but I don't have a large kitchen knife - been on my "to acquire" list for some time now ;)

  3. I abandoned my garlic crusher in favour of my kitchen knife, as I felt it was hardly worth the hassle! I'm tempted to get one of those wee mini choppers though, to do my garlic and onions, just to get that stench away from my hands, it never leaves!

  4. Anne: I should have guessed, my Mum loves these sort of shows. She's bound to have got it from one. Hope you're feeling better.

    Catherine: agreed crushers always seem to get bits stuck in then and go manky despite best washing efforts.

    Choclette: It's time for the sales, I got my big knife last year for £2. It's a beauty. It's a bit scary looking but works very well.

  5. I have one of those rubber things too, that peels the cloves. I also have a garlic crusher (both part of gifts, from my mother). I agree that the plastic tube peels the clothes and the crusher crushes, but neither does as well as quickly, efficiently and with as much satisfaction as a Global chef's knife (sadly slightly more than £2).

  6. Garlic card works fine if you have a bit of strength in your hands. Easiest to clean by far as well.


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