Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Post 121: Belgian Beer and Chocolate

Here's some lists of Belgian (mostly in Flanders/Ghent) Chocolate shops and Breweries. Choclette from choclogblog is off there and asked for recommendations, this being a blog doing a post seemed the easiest way to do it.

Belgian Beer and Chocolate - Have fun!


  1. VBB, what a charmer you are. Thank you so much, that's really good of you. Do thank your friend for me too. Sounds like I'll be hard pressed not to come across chocolate on my travels. And beer, yes of course we'll need to try some of that too. Good to know you lived in Ghent and loved it. I know so very little about it - will hopefully come back knowing a bit more and with a big swag bag of chocolate!

  2. Sorry Dom - did I over-egg that a bit? I just thought it needed a bit of an introduction; otherwise it would seem super random having such a post on a cooking/gardening blog.

    Good job my wife never looks at this nonsense (she's far too sensible) otherwise I might be in trouble.


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