Monday, 16 August 2010

Post 120: That's Life

Yesterday I did this - York 100, for Action Medical Research. I'd recommend this for people who are much fitter and better at cycling than I am. This dominated my weekend and my culinary delights were reduced to: - pre-ride: masses of pasta
- during: my own bodyweight in flapjack
- after: 2 poppudoms and an onion bhaji as I feel asleep before I could eat the main course.

Still my Courgettes keep on growing and another was ready for picking today. Oh, it's just like That's Life, isn't it. Does it take you back? It's like 1889 all over again...

On the upside though, despite having numb hands, an achy back and a sore bum, I did get given a Marmite themed Paddington bear.

I'm not really one for teddy bears, but I'll be keeping this fella - he was hard earned.


  1. Well done!!! Thats quite an achievement, you should be proud of yourself :) Awww the wee paddington bear is precious.

    Is your lettuce still growing? Haha!

  2. Brilliant, well done you! That takes some doing. Shame you missed the main course though.

  3. You know what? THis is a fun blog, I'll follow, I am looking for more gardeding adventures, otherwise life is dull...



  4. Thank you, I've now got feeling back in my hands and other places too.

    Welcome Alessandra - I do indeed hope it is a fun blog. I too am looking forward to more gardening adventures.


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