Saturday, 19 June 2010

Post 210: Butternut Squash and Chorizo Risotto mk II

I've made this before and it was declared a roaring success. So, I had all requisite ingredients I approached with confidence and without recourse to googling "Simple risotto recipes".

1) Taking my Butternut squash, I halved and de-seeded it. Then fairly roughly chopped 2 massive garlic cloves added some salt, pepper and olive oil and popped it in a medium oven for an hour.

2) Made 2 pints of stock, and left this ready warming on a low light.

3) I then finely chopped an onion and starting that softening in olive oil along with just a little more garlic. Vampires are very prevalent at this time of year and you just cannot afford to take any chances.

4) Then in with the chorizo (half a ring, chopped into 1/2" lumps, this much rice could have done with a whole ring really). Once this had started to lose a little of it's lovely spicy oil, in with the rice (300gs) and a good stir to coat it all. Followed by a good pour of white wine. Then another pour of white wine for me.

5) With the mix on a low-ish light, stirring all the time, I added stock little by little each time it it looked in any danger of starting to stick to the bottom.

6) Here's the bit not to repeat. I decided I wanted the squash to disintegrate through the risotto, rather than just be big occasional lumps - so I put it in with the rice only part cooked. Mistake. From then when I added stock, it was soaked up by the squash rather than the rice. Eventually I had to pour all the stock in and the rice re-started to absorb some liquid. This all took much longer than it would have, and left me with a mix just the wrong side of sloppy.

7) Once the rice had finally cooked. I partly remedied by grating all the parmesan I had - half a block. Stirring that in, it finally approached some sort of proper risotto consistency. The extra parmesan made it super cheesy; which worked for me.

Here it is, still a nice meal and a lesson on risotto cooking learned, but not quite as good as my first effort ->(

Oh, and I've just remembered the wine recommendation: an Australian oaked Chardonnay or probably more to my tastes a Fleuire or Morgan Beaujolais. Sounds nice, but I was being good and just had water; boring.


  1. this looks so delicious... I do love a reallu cheesy risotto and I bet the chorizo gave it a great kick! nice

  2. Yum yum squash risotto is delicious - sloppy notwithstanding!

  3. Well I think it looks very delicious, but that's a good tip about not adding the squash too early. You could have called it rice soup as you put it on the table. That could have covered it up for you.

  4. Thanks all.

    Kath, I think you might have a good point - cook first decide what to call it second. I might have got away with calling it soup....


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