Friday, 21 May 2010

Post 204: Everything better than I'd hoped - garden progress May 2010

I've finally returned to bloggerising after my holidays and making it through the Ash Cloud. 

In a news update of all things:
1) I managed to stand up at least for a little while water-skiing. Unexpected!
2) The Ash Cloud just resulted in our having an extra night in our holiday hotel. Which was by far the better result in comparison to sitting in a tiny airport or getting bus-ed from Glasgow or Gatwick
3) And most surprising, VegBoxBoy Junior had remembered to water my plants on a fairly regular basis and none of them appear to have died. The light through the kitchen window was almost blocked by my now triffid-esque lettuces and tomato plants.
4) Even my outside plants seem to have grown. I'd topped up the soil by 3 - 4 inches in the first early potatoes before going on holiday, and now they're clear through the top of that now. It also finally looks like the Onions and Garlic I planted last year and were severely stunted by the snows are getting close to ready.

Happy days. Now, all I need to do is re-start some cooking.


  1. Thank goodness! Glad to hear you didn't get too much water rash from the skiing (is there such a complaint? - If not, there is in my imagination) and that you didn't get too much hassle from the volcano. It's lovely to come home to a garden that seems to have exploded whilst you were away and well done Vegboxboy Junior for remembering to water.

  2. It is exciting to see how much plants have progressed in an absence - glad they were well looked after. I tried water skiing once when I was 18 and never managed to stand - so am impressed.


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