Monday, 22 March 2010

Post 188: Come Dine with me - Mexican Night

Here's a run down of VegBoxGirl's Mexican evening. this was round one of our Come Dine With Me fun this year. Nerves were frayed. Bellies were empty in readyness. I'm not going to say too much about the food, as I don't want to influence her voting later...

For un-delcared pre-starting, we had Mojito's to be drank whilst wearing Mexican hats. Nice start, nice start. The Mojito's even had little umbrella's, once I saw that I knew we were on to a evening that had been thought through.

The first round of food arrived and this was Chicken Flautas, Cripsy Potato Skins and a few nachos just to make sure.
The Flautas were tortillas wrapping up Chicken, Onion and Feta cheese. Kind of like a big fancy cheesy pasty. To go with the potato skins there was a very lively tomato salsa, sourced cream and guacamole.

This was all quite robust. So a little break was called for; where we drank Sol (lime in the top optional), this made me feel rather like I was back drinking in the late 80s. Happy days.

Round 2 was chicken fajitas and beef tacos. I'll do these pictures small as well, the taco's looked like taco'sand the fajitas looked like fajitas. Once again, there was a very liberal use of chilli for the fajitas. More Sol was urgently called for and received .

After this, another long break was called for..... in the end only myself tried the Elephant's ear. I'd still no idea what this was. I know I could have googled it, but I wanted to leave a little surprise.

Guess what? - more tortilla! Yay. Did shares in Old El Paso go up over the weekend? This time the tortilla was fried in cinamon and brown sugar until crispy and then served with Coconut and Strawberry ice creams.

I'm not sure quite how mexican Strawberry ice-cream is, but it's one of my favourites!


  1. Well done Veg Box Girl, looks like she has set the mark high! The elephant ears sound delicious.

  2. Yay! That sounds and looks delish, you must've been fit to burst :) Mmmmm I want Flautas, they sound great!

  3. I was definitely fit to burst.

    There was an awful lot of good stuff. She's set the bar pretty high for first time out. I may need to think of a cunning plan.

  4. The chiken looked really good. The types of food you had sound delicious. I really love mexican foods and the spiced used with them. My stomach would have been filled to the limit.

  5. I think it's going to be pretty tough to beat this. Chicken apart, this looks like a fab meal and good to finally know what the elephant ears are. Thanks for tip on C4 iplayer equivalent - will try and catch up with CDWM.


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