Friday, 19 March 2010

Post 187: Come Dine With Me round 1 count down

It's only two days to go until the first round of our Come Dine With Me competion, and I'm getting very excited:

First up is VegBoxGirl and she'll going to be cooking:

  • Chicken flautas and crispy potato skins

  • Mexican Tacos and Chicken Fajitas

  • Elephant Ears and Ice Cream

  • I've still no idea what Elephant Ears are, but they sound big and that's a good thing as I'm expecting to be most hungry come Sunday Tea-time.

    Bring it on!


    1. Just read your previous post on come dine with me - not having a TV am rather ignorant of programme, but it sounds fun - hummmm! Looking forward to find out what Elephant Ears are.

    2. Good luck VegBoxGirl - go for it!
      I can't believe that Choclette has missed out on CDWM - I can't live without my regular fix of Dave Lamb! I've never heard of Flautas so that will be a new one for me and Elephant Ears sound very exciting, unless they really are Elephant Ears.

    3. Choclette: There's not much on telly these days that's worth watching, but Come Dine is - I think you can get it on Channel 4's version of iPlayer. Basically it's people marking each other's dinner parties and a sarcy bloke - Dave Lamb commentating.

      Kath - VegBoxGirl liked the message of support before she started cooking. X


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