Thursday, 18 March 2010

Post 185: Mushrooms on Toast

The Who said: The simple things you see are all complicated. Well, sorry no, Pete Townshend you are wrong. This is a simple thing, and it was in no way complicated.

I was wondering what to have, when inspiration came like a flash. Quite a low-wattage flash it must be said, given the parlous state of my noggin this morning (no sympathy is required, it was completely self-inflicted and most enjoyable). 

I had fresh homemade bread, I had my first ever VegBox mushrooms. Bread and mushrooms! Just to put a tiny little bit of ever into proceedings, and to make it nice - mushrooms on toast.
Mushrooms, fried fairly carefully so as not to break them up too much. Just a little salt and a nice smear of butter on the toast.

Slowly, after this I'm starting to pull round.


  1. Drinking on a school night?

  2. Now you're really talking my kind of food.

  3. Kath: I know it was very naughty, but I don't get the chance very often. And I got a bit over-excited.

    Choclette: I really enjoyed it, I might make it again, even when I've not got a hangover.


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