Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Post 184: Roasted Parsnip and Alien Soup

A couple of weeks back I had a first go at Roasted Parsnip soup, declaring it a success. Parsnips are still arriving in the box most weeks and so it seemed a good idea to have another go.

Being an experimental cook and or lazy, I didn't bother looking up the recipe I'd used last time around. I also wanted to add in to the recipe some of the Aliens / Kohl Rabi's. Which gave me with a roasting tin of (2 medium-ish) kohl rabis, (1 big) parnsips, (12 cherry, it was all I had) tomatoes, (3 cloves) garlic, (2 tsbsps) cumin and (1 little shake) tumeric. Learning from last time out, I only chopped the garlic very roughly - the little bits burnt a bit last time. Having come to write this recipe down, I notice that I'd forgotten the onion.

~40 minutes later in a medium oven, everything looked very much nicer and it was time to pop it in with some stock. A little simmer later and a blitz and it looked like this. I started with a pint of vegetable stock and then added in water until it got to a consistency I liked. Which for this was almost another pint, but still leaving a fairly thick soup

Hopefully, you can trust me that I have cooked a second batch of soup and not just re-used the last photo - as both batches looked identical (you might be able to spot the difference in the cumin seed arrangement. What a tart I am).

As for taste, despite the introduction of the kohl rabi and the withdrawal of the onion, I couldn't tell the difference between this one and the last. Probably because the parsnip and cumin are such strong flavours they override everything else. I'll declare this one a success too: it's the first thing I've used a kohl rabi in where I've not thought it made the dish worse.


  1. I love that you have renamed them aliens. I really like kohlrabi, so I was sorry that you think it makes everything taste worse. Very glad to see that I can return the comment that it looks like you can stand the spoon up in that!

  2. Oh well, at least you've managed to make it look delicious again and found something that disguises the kohlrabi. Have you tried it in curry? I'm not a fan of turnips, but found they disappeared quite nicely into a mixed vegetable curry.

  3. They are just a bit boring, aren't they? Nothing unpleasant, but sometimes it just seems like they take up belly space which I could have filled with nicer things. Oh yes - it was definitely one to stand your spoon up in. I'm not sure you'll ever catch me making any of that consomme nonsense.

    Choclette: I find I can get away with the odd bit of alien or turnip in a curry, if I put too much in I start to get complaints though. I'm thinking of having a go with the squash next week on your recommendation.

  4. Yo, squash curry over alien or turnip curry any day! It needs tomatoes too.

  5. try this one

    Roasted Pear & Parsnip via lola-lu's kitchen, gorgeous!


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