Sunday, 20 December 2009

Post 148: The most marvelous Leek and Potato Soup

Without being bothered to look back through old posts here, this must be at least the third time I've posted up Leek and Potato soup. It is cooked fresh each time, honest! Some things just both go well together and arrive in the VegBox with great regularity. I might not have bothered posting this, as well the method and execution were pretty much exactly the same as before.

However, this was the greatest soup in the history of the world. Reason being that I'd ludicrously decided to go mountain biking in the snow. I thought it might be pretty - which it was. I hadn't quite realised how unpleasant it would be. The Snow won the day by 2 falls and one submission. On the way back it even managed to start snowing again, right into my face - so I couldn't see as well as being frozen.

The reason this was the greatest soup was because Mrs VegBox had made it while I was out. Brilliant. It reduced my defrosting period by a good couple of hours! Unlike my thick, chunky, lumpy efforts, Mrs VegBox blended it properly and even made it to a normal soup consistency:

- 1 red onion
- 4 cloves garlic
- 4 Leeks
- 4 small to medium potatoes
- Salt and  plenty of pepper
- 2 pints stock: 1 chicken, 1 vegetable. 50-50 style, like half rice, half chips.

Served with fresh white bread with far too much butter on to be healthy. Happy days.

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  1. The best meals of all, I feel are when someone else does the cooking! Humm, maybe a couple of exceptions to that statement, but by and large. Leek and potato soup is so yummy. Looking forward to our leeks getting to a a fit state for harvest.

    Happy Christmas


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