Friday, 11 December 2009

Post 142: Spit-Spot Veg Box Boy

After sunday's high of stew, it's all been a bit quiet. This is mainly through:
- ineptitude
- lazyness
- christmas party. (draft Red Stripe, Yay! bad head, Boo!)

Ineptitude and lazyness come from having made a nice pasta dish and then taken a photo with my proper camera rather than my phone. The photo is still sitting on the camera and hasn't made it to the computer yet. This purpose of this post is to force my hand into doing some useful cooking and posting over the weekend. So here's what I'm to do:
  • Finally post this week's pasta dish
  • Get round to making something from the Total Yoghurt I was sent to trial and report on that
  • Make a first batch of christmas mince pies, because it's time to get in the festive spirit and I've got some super fresh eggs
  • Cook something nice to eat, after the rubbish I've eaten this week
  • Finally review the cookbooks I got sent, and maybe make a recipe out of them
If I manage all that, I'll be a very happy man


  1. Well, you've managed the first one which sounds very nice and more importantly, simple. Looking forward to the rest. Did you get both of the "make more of" books? Tah, I only got the bean one!

  2. Yes, I got both. Wonder why you didn't?

    Partial success only: 3 1/2 out of 5. No yoghurt action. Book review posted and pastry chilling for the mince pies.


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