Thursday, 3 December 2009

Post 140: Spaghetti Bologanaisey

Oooh, hark at me with my fancy photos. Last night was Spaghetti Bolognaise. Made according to a recipe I think is nice. I think this is as per my Mum  (Hello lovely Mum!) used to make; but there may be a few of my own embellishments in here. Here we go:

  • Two medium onions finely chopped and (as ever, yawn) slow fried in olive oil
  • Once these were soft, I added plenty of garlic  (for me 4 cloves), and then some italian 'erbs - mainly oregano. Once this was all cooked I added a courgette and a pepper, chopped fairly small
  • I then blitzed two tins of tomatoes, as the Veg Box juniors aren't keen on bits and started them simmering with a couple of bay leaves. Adding in some tomato puree for richness and sweetness and a biggish fine grated carrot for body.
  • I then fried off the mince, separately, I did this to ensure that I could drain off any fat. Which in this case was quite a bit.
  • Once I'd done this. I then combined the simmering tomatoes, onions and herbs and mince and a really big glug of wine and simmered for a little over ah hour.
This was all then served with spaghetti - quelle surprise! and some parmesan. Here's the results:

There was one important lesson learned though.... don't buy cheap mince again

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