Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Post 139: Every day is like sunday. Apart from the massive Yorkshire puddings

Every day is silent and grey. Or at least this sunday was.

There were a mighty 7 for this week's sunday T. Whilst I might have considered other options, in the purpose of interest, with this number it was just far too tempting to go for the roast once again. I really must one of these days cook something different to a roast dinner on a sunday; I may be morphing into a 1950's style housewife. Roll on colour telly; although having endured The One Show, maybe not.

Also making it suitable for a roast dinner was the backlog of roast-dinner-style veggies I had built up. It's obviously about the time of year that as a Veg Box user the choices get a bit thin and you might need one of them there blog things to provide inspiration over how to use your veg box. Oh well.

Anyways, this week's roastings were:
- shoulder of pork, only the 5 1/2 hour's cooking this week
- Roast spuds and parsnips
- Mashed spuds and (separately) mashed turnip (and oh my! what a big turnip he was)
- Boiled Kale, two types of cabbage and sprouts
- Leeks with cheese sauce (double gloucester cheese, quite a luxury!)

I took a photo of this, but frankly (Mr Shankly) it was so grey I can't quite face posting it.

But the piece de resistance this week was some particularly fine yorkshire puddings. These were the beauties from the middle shelf., the ones from the top shelf rose so much they scraped the top of the oven!

Come armageddon!, come!


  1. They look like Aunt Bessie's yorkies.

  2. Them's lovely Yorkie Puds, hand crafted by me! You don't need to put AB's in a muffin tray, do you?


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