Monday, 23 November 2009

Post 137: Garlic Parsley Celeriac mash

Well, it's another sunday and it's another roast. Oh course it was. This was pretty unremarkable, but given my fragile post-saturday night cavorting it was easy. So at least that was good. Here the little beauty is: chicken (bit o leg for me), roast carrots & parnsips, cabbage, mash and then some garlic parsley celeriac mash.

A few weeks ago, I invented this celeriac convection. This week I feel I perfected it, raising the level of celeriac from just-about-edible to almost-nice. I started with a huge celeriac, but by the time I got the knobbly bits peeled there was only a cereal bowl's worth. So, recipe for this was:
- roast one bulb of garlic for an hour
- boil celeriac until soft
- mash celeriac and then I used a sieve and a big spoon to get rid of some water
- I then added in some parsley and the garlic and mashed a bit more.
- I then added a knob of butter.

The squidging of the water out of the celeriac gave it a better texture than first time around.

The only other thing of note was that I managed to get a £7.82 chicken out of the M&S dine for a tenner deal. A new record high!


  1. Surely that's got to be better than nice - although I must say think I'd prefer it mashed in with potatoes.

  2. I tried to cook potatoe and celeriac together and mash it and I just got lumpy mash. No amount of mashing could get rid of them. I think it would work ok, by cooking them seperate and then mixing and mashing.

    However, given the prevailing celeriac-ophobia rounds these parts, I didn't want to risk spoiling the mash.



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