Friday, 20 November 2009

Post 135: Victoria Sponge / Frisbee

My very favourite cake of all is a soft fluffy victoria sponge with a bit of jam and a load of whipped cream. I thought I'd have a go. I got the recipe from Brian Turner's book and it all looked so very simple. Clearly the ingredients are simple but the technique's a little beyond me.
- Cream 4oz butter, with 4oz caster sugar. So far so easy!
- Add in two beaten eggs, gradually. Still, all seems easy
- Sift 1/2 tea spoon baking powder and 4oz plain flour. Still pretty simple
- Fold mixture together. Here's where I went wrong. Some of the butter had re-solidified in the egg whilst I weighed the flour. (And had a little mid-afternoon coffee). The folding turned into a rather vigorous beating.
- Brian said to then put this into two 7" tins to bake. I tried, but there clearly was never going to be enough mix to go round the two I had. So, all it went into a single tin and I cooked it until a golden brown.

Beautiful. As a frisbee. I included my thumb (look at that hand, never done a day's work!) in the picture so's there can be no confusion over just how thin it was. It did rise a bit, mostly in the middle - maybe this would have made it fly in an interesting circle.

I didn't bother attempting to slice it across the middle - I know my knife skills aren't that good!

It still tasted nice though once I'd smothered it in jam and whipped cream. Not quite a proper victoria sponge though!


  1. Yes, it is all in the folding! The trick is not to lose the lightness and bubbles from the eggs. So beating the mixture would smash the bubbles. The butter solidified? Gosh, that seemed to happen quickly. Is your kitchen cold?

    O, as I was correcting a typo on my comment, when I suddenly noticed "vicotria" in your first line. (Apparently no book has ever been published without a typo - sneaky fellows).

    Hey, and I am delighted you want to review my book!

  2. Only the one typo? I'm doing well today!

    The kitchen was cold, but I did get myself a bit distracted. So it's only my own fault. I shall try again.

  3. Hi - do email me with a contact address for a review copy of Make More of Beans & Peas


    Best, Elisabeth

    PS I like the way you have organised your blog and your categories such as 'Triumphs'. Nice.

  4. Well, all I can say is well done for trying. I've never dared have a go at making a proper Victoria sponge cos I know it won't turn out quite as it should. Have made a sponge where I substituted some of the flour for polenta. End result was fine as it wasn't meant to be a Victoria!

  5. I echo Choclette's sentiments, well done for giving it a go. It's really not that difficult, but you do need to practice. Make sure your butter is nice and soft so that it creams well, it should be almost white when you have creamed it with the sugar. There are some sneaky all-in-one recipes by Mary Berry and Delia that will give you pretty good results and save a lot of faff.


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