Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Post 125: Roast Pork with Garlic Parsley Celeriac Mash

The observant amongst you might notice that this looks awfully like a sunday dinner. And you'd be right. After getting over-excited with christmas pudding baking I've been a little slow posting this one.

After a poor showing on the veg box usage last week, I'd left myself with something of a backlog, which included two celeriacs. Which very much seemed like two too many. I've tried roasting celeriac and, well it's no carrot is it? I've tried mashing it in with the potato and you end up with lumpy mash.

This time I thought I'd try something new. I roasted 5 cloves of garlic for ~40 minutes and then boiled the celeriac. I then mashed this with a big handful of parsley. 

Where I went wrong here is that I tried to mash it as per I would potato - by first adding butter and milk. The milk made it sloppy and doesn't seem to be needed. It could also have done with a ricer on it, as despite some good quality elbow grease going into it, the celeriac remained resolutely lumpy.

In a happy ending, it was by far the nicest using of celeriac I've yet found. As I'm sure to get celeriac almost every week now until spring, I'll almost certainly be trying this again.


  1. Despite being a vegetarian, your cooking always makes me hungry. Just thinking of garlicy celariac mash really makes my mouth water. Used to get loads of celeriac when I had a veg box, so will try and see if I can dig out a few recipes. Think you're probably right though in this being one of the best.

  2. Thanks!

    I'd be interested in celeriac recipes. I'm not all that keen, so anything interesting to do with them would be good.



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