Saturday, 31 October 2009

Post 123: Home grown peas pea prawn pasta

Oh my!  blog title with an alliteration. Miss Hopewell would be proud.

Today was finally time to reap my pea harvest. I'd been trying to wait until the pods filled out with their pea-y gold. However, the plants seemed to be starting to die from under the pods and some of the pods had started to go black. Black peas can't be a good thing. This was the entire crop, by the time I'd chucked all the manky black ones I was left with about a third of these.
 I was still keen to eat the remaining ones on the day of picking though. There's supposed to be nothing nicer than fresh peas. Birds eye tell me so. I shelled a couple and the peas were really tiny, so I decided to use them mange-tout style.
I went for a pasta which I've done a plethora of variations on: prawns with chilli and vegetables, in this case sufficient garlic to call it another vegetable, onion, cherry tomatoes, courgettes and the now mange-touts.
Well, the pasta was nice, the prawns were fine. The mange-touts were nasty. Tough, tasteless and stringy (even though I had already tried to remove the strings).

Another lesson learned: plants peas earlier, grow peas as peas not mange touts.

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