Monday, 7 September 2009

Post 95: This week's box 5th September

Another nice box this week:
- Potatoes: just normal no pink fur this week
- Carrots: I really must make a carrot cake. Or buy a rabbit
- Courgette: they seem particularly fond of the yellow ones. No problem with that though
- Onions: this is good, strangely, I'd managed to run out
- Cauliflower: two teeny weeny little fellas
- Chard: the last lot got chucked, must try to do better
- Cabbage: I've two of these now. It surely can't be time for the cabbage soup yet. This sun's still out!
- Celery: this was on the list, but it's beans. Phew
- Sugarsnap peas: Very happy with these
- Fennel: Oooh, a new vegetable for the box. No idea what to do with it though. It's far too aiseed for my liking.

I think I stand a fair chance with that little selection.


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    Make a carrot cake!


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