Friday, 28 August 2009

Post 88: Have I pushed through the bottom of the barrel yet?

Once again, I've managed to cook and eat without photo. But after this week's oh so poor photography efforts and potentially even poorer cooking effort, I'm not sure it's a great issue.

Last night: Macaroni cheese with chorizo and green beans.

I wasn't too sure that the chorizo would work in an otherwise pretty plain macaroni cheese. But cheese based sauces are Mrs VegBox's department and chorizo she wanted. I only used just less than half a horse-shoe's worth, cut fairly small, then fried off with some onion. It all turned out pretty ok really; just like normal macaroni cheese, just with the odd bonus chewy meaty bit. The green beans added a bit of vegetable healthy crunch amongst the artery hardening cheese.

Ease of cooking: Very very easy
Tastyness: Fair
Randonmess: Getting out there.

Vegbox usage: Well not bad, save the still to find a recipe for Acorn Squash, everything's gone this week.

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