Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Post 73: Valentine Warner, I laugh in the face of your leftover recipe

What a curious coincidence, just as I was tucking in to this little beauty, made from the veg leftover's from sunday roast pork belly dinners:

Valentine Warner was on telly showing his new potatoes, roasted with rosemary. Now, I bow to his addition of a fried egg on top. I'm a firm believer that there are very few meals that wouldn't be improved through the addition of a fried egg. However in all other respects, I believe I win.

Here it went: onions, fried with chopped thick cut middle bacon. Fried until done, then I added the sliced boiled new spuds and finally the cabbage which I'd shredded. These were all left unstirred until they burnt to the bottom of the pan a little. And serve.

Just for a little bonus, I added some macaroni cheese, because I was worried there wouldn't be enough. And you just can't take chances with that sort of thing!

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