Thursday, 6 August 2009

Post 75: Moussaka, garlic bread and fresh herby salad. Or Pig Slurry on a plate.

Sounds rather nice, I'd hope you'd agree.

I went to dirty Tesco's to get Garlic Bread and I was shocked that it ws £1.75 for little ones. I thought proably three would be required tofeed the family and I considered that my five pounds would be much better spent on booze. So, I decided to make my own. This was amazingly easy with the aid of my breadmaker, even though I wasn't very neat at stretching them out. It didn't delay the eating at all, so I shall be repeating this one.

I'd always planned on making my own moussaka. I adapted the recipe from the cookery course I did at Bridge 67. I decided to add a layer of sliced potatoes to make it more firm and rigid; like you see sometimes sitting in the shop window all day in caff's in Greece. I carefully reduced down my tomato sauce. Made a white sauce thick enough to stand the spoon up in. And then oh so carefully arranged the aubergine and potatoes into solid coherent layers.

Next came the salad. Lettuce and basil from out of the garden, along with some chopped cucumber, beetroot and tomatoes. Easy done.

So, how did all this look - like pig slurry!

Somehow, the layers didn't layer, the sauces all ran together and it all turned out a grey-y brown sludgey colour. Must do better next time: although I'm still not too sure what went wrong. Even the garlic bread - which I burnt a tad and made crispy. I quite liked that though, so I'll try for that effect again.

The salad came out as planned though!

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