Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Post 68: Spit-spot!

The observant amongst you may notice the supply of posts have dried up a little. The really observant/borderline obsessive may have noticed I haven't made soup in a while.

The clues are all there - I've become fat(ter) and lazy. As a sign of positive intent, I'm going to post what I've got this week and what I'm going to do with it:
- New spuds (to go with my reaped ones)
- Bunched carrots
- Courgette
- Onions
- Chard
- Cabbage
- Beet
- Garlic
- French Beans
- Broad Beans

I reckon through the rest of the week, the fresh garlic can be used with most things. Specifically:
- Carrot and coriander soup (I have some coriander in my herb pot)
- Pasta with onion, courgette, french beans
- Pork chops, minted new potatoes, broad beans, garlicky cabbage
- Possibly some potatoe and chard soup, is that close enough to Leek?
- If I get time, I'll pickle my own beet

How's that?

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  1. It's about time you pulled your finger out! Crack on my son, and let the vegetable glory shine down uponeth you.


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