Friday, 10 July 2009

Post 59: And for two week's running, success is mine

After early enthusiasm for this week's box, somehow I'd struggled to use any of it, besides in my unimaginatively titled stir-fry. In another triumph for unimaginative recipe titles, last night I went for:
- Cabbage and Kale accompanied by everything else that was left a roasted. And Chicken.

IT turned out pretty fair.
- New potatoes cut into bite sized pieces, into oven for ~40 mins with chilli oil, halved chilies, some very rough chopped bits of garlic
- followed by courgette & shallots for 30 mins
- carrots for 20 mins (they were only small)
- and randomly broad beans just for the last 5.
All stirred regularly. To ensure an all round charring

The cabbage and kale were just boiled; traditional stylee. And to complete some chicken cooked in paprika. I didn't both taking a photo; because the kale looked like something a slug might've crawled out of. It had, two of them, but an hour before. The whole dish was fairly nice for something thrown together. I liked the hard edged texture of the broad beans; although I'd guess this is not how they are intended to be enjoyed.

I still can't really think of any redeeming feature to kale. It's a faff to cook by the time you've taken all the branches out. Then it just taste like the worst cabbage ever.


  1. and what will post 60 bring?

  2. Oooh, there's going to be so much more excitement. Or maybe it'll just be me wittering on about what I had for my tea.


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